Dr. Ahmed Al-Jibouri, CEO of Tashje’e launched today, Thursday 19th of April, 2018 (3alemny) - (Teach Me) educational platform, a collaborative mobile application system that works on Android, iOS and Windows Phones to aid students in learning processes, by providing a huge amount of academic resources. The system is a forum-based with bank of questions and assignments with detailed answers to each, all of which explained in different scenarios for a better and easy understanding by students.

Teachers will have access to help in adding and enriching the platform, whether by adding new assignments to the bank, or providing answers to given questions. Having the answers explained and solved in multiple ways has proven its success in leading to students having a better understanding in their subjects. The rewarding system has been explained by Dr. Al-Jibouri during the press release in brief, where the detailed rewarding system for teachers who help in the system enrichment cycle will be explained on the platform website once the launch is final and the version is RC (Release Candidate).

“It’s a combination of manual editing and artificial intelligence” Dr. Al-Jibouri added while explaining the infrastructure of the system engineering of (3alemny), where the system will automatically grade and assign a level of difficulty for each student in each subject based on his/her daily or weekly assignment answers. The system will also track the students’ answers to locate their weaknesses in certain topics within different subjects. Afterwards, the system will focus on the weak topics and therefore show more questions in this area until the student fully understands and achieves the topic.

Dr. Ahmed Al-Jibouri also stated that “3alemny” will cover grades 6 and 7 in Jordanian curriculum, with the following subjects: Science, Mathematics, English and Arabic in its Beta version launch. Additionally, the system will be free of charge for all communities and members.

For more information, please visit www.tashjee-jo.com/3alemny